Moose Power is advancing solar with a proven track-record of stakeholder collaboration.


Moose Power is a leading Canadian developer of renewable energy projects.


Independently owned, we build, own and operate solar, energy storage and micro-grid projects across North America. We're committed to sustainably developed energy assets that respect and benefit the communities we work in, our shared energy future and our shareholders.


At our core, we're committed to our partners.

Building a reputation for successful projects depends on earning and keeping, the trust of those we work with. Partnering with Local Communities, First Nations and Industry, we’ve pioneered a collaborative business model of renewable energy development.  

As our business has evolved, our greatest strength has been our commitment to our partners.  Not only does it fit with our values, it makes great business sense.

From origination to acquisition, we approach all opportunities with the goal of realizing meaningful and sustainable returns for our investors, our partners and the communities in which we operate.


Land Owners


First Nations



Commercial & Industrial


Resorts & Hospitality


See how our partnership with a warehouse owner produced a truly win-win outcome.



Our business is about seeing promise in early stage energy projects and deploying the capital, creativity and experience needed to bring them to completion.  

As a privately owned developer with committed shareholders and significant access to capital, our greatest strength has always been our commitment to completion. 



Using energy from the sun. Makes sense. It's what nature's been doing all this time. The solar industry is really the evolution of our journey towards re-creating the process that nature has long since perfected.




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